Jesse has always been interested in human connection and the healing that happens when one’s heart opens. Since becoming a peer mediator in high school to his current psychotherapy practice, the past fifteen years have been dedicated to healing relationships of all magnitudes. Jesse’s psychotherapeutic practice is also his spiritual discipline: creating sacred space for an authentic and honest communication that supports his heart to open wider. He has learned that when he does this, it helps others do the same. Jesse believes that whenever peoples’ hearts open wider, healing at a psychological, cellular, neurological, emotional, and spiritual level occurs.

Jesse is the Clinical Director of Helix Healthcare Group in Toronto, Canada.  The mission of the center is to bring a holistic and integrative approach to treating addiction, trauma, and general wellness. Helix Healthcare Group is the first center of it’s kind in Canada.  By integrating neuroscience, somatic psychology and other clinically proven interventions, the center will use a multi-faceted approach to provide unique and personalized treatment plans to its clients.  
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Jesse holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in somatic psychology. He completed his PhD in 2015 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He also holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. In addition to his academic pursuits, Jesse has spent over 14 years training with different holistic and shamanic teachers. He has explored the ancient ways through meditation and ceremony and has explored the modern ways through psychoneurobiology and quantum physics. These experiences helped foster a realization that two different languages speak the same truth: the mind and body are deeply interconnected, deeply influenced by one another, and, the union of the two creates a natural evolution to occur.
Working at Passages Addiction Treatment Center for four years afforded Jesse unique opportunities including the treatment of addiction from a holistic vantage point, establishing himself as a therapist and guide, and working co-operatively with a team of professionals assisting clients through the challenges of substance abuse. Since 2007, Jesse has been creating and facilitating movement, sound, and mindfulness events in the greater Los Angeles area. Recently, Jesse created Sacred Journey, his first sound healing album (listen) intended to help listeners find natural ways to relax and connect inwards.

Continuing the footsteps down his Path, Jesse’s vision is to integrate the east and the west, the rational and emotional, and the fullness of the holistic spectrum into a balanced, joyful, and connected version of the Self.

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