We are on a journey together, traversing a path made by walking. The great destination on this path is a deeper connection to sources of inner wisdom, peacefulness, integration, and joy in life.

Integrating a spectrum of approaches allows clients to experience a connection beyond the normal “talk-therapy” approach. This spectrum includes:

·     Somatic Psychology is a unique approach to psychology that builds a bridge connecting the mind and body. Coming from the Greek word “soma” (meaning body), somatic psychology understands the body as the foundation of human experience. Focusing on the embodied experience of emotions, it integrates the exploration of breath, gestures, and body awareness into psychotherapy. Following theses nonverbal (body) experiences can help access psychological and emotional material that has been previously inaccessible through words alone.

·     Humanistic/Relational Psychology honors the relationship between client and therapist as an integral part of the healing process. It focuses on the themes of mutuality, connectedness, and empowerment. It is a co-created process of evolution and healing.

·     Psycho-spiritual Integration allows room for spirituality within the psychotherapeutic container. This can expand the horizon of potential vision towards peace within. Without advocating any specific religious tradition, spirituality is defined as the connection to the source of one’s faith as a means of increasing self-awareness, self-understanding, and, most importantly, compassion and self-love.

·     Guided Imagery/Meditation involves looking within for answers as an effective and helpful way to move through life’s challenges. Integrating meditation and guided imagery into psychotherapy allows exploration of inner realms in a relaxing and effective manner. Additional benefits from meditation include centeredness, focus, mindfulness, and inner wisdom.

·     Neuroscience is a great tool to help us understand the mind-body connection from a grounded, scientific perspective. It serves as a way to scientifically explain how our consciousness influences our brain, which, in turn, influences the body. Integrating neurological awareness can positively influence affect regulation and help a person feel more connected and “at home” in their own body.

·     Family Constellation is an intuitively guided and unique way of looking at a family system in order to bring more clarity to relational patterns as well as to offer solutions for imbalances in the system.
Using the aforementioned methods with individuals, couples, and families has been effective in addressing a variety of issues including:

·     Trauma
·     Addiction (substances, sex, relationship)
·     Anxiety/Depression
·     Relationship Conflicts
·     Family Discord
·     Disconnection/Loneliness
·     Creativity, Mindfulness, Conscious Evolution
Whether you are working through deeply held trauma, suffering from depression and/or anxiety, dealing with relationship issues, or just want to create the next best version of yourself, I look forward to discovering how I can best serve your needs.
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