Sacred music is defined simply as music created with the intention of healing and peace (as opposed to music made for dancing or entertainment). I create sacred music through the use of specifically tuned instruments that are crafted to positively influence the human nervous system and soul. Sacred Music is to be listened to with ceremonial sacredness. It is a time to leave the chaos of the ego and the external world. It is a time to go within, reflect, connect, and explore one’s inner world as the whole body creates a harmonious relationship with the array of sounds being created by crystal bowls, didgeridoos, flutes, drums, vocals, and an assortment of other indigenous sounds. It is a time to honor inner wisdom and sacred listening.

I discovered the healing power of sacred music during a very challenging period of my life. My heart was suffering as I faced the death of my father and all of the emotional challenges that come with death of a loved one. If this music could help me through such a tough time, wouldn’t it also be able to help others through their tough times?
And so it began. I became dedicated and passionate about sharing this unique and intriguing form of healing through music and vibration. About five years after playing and sharing from an intuitively guided knowing, I discovered neuroscience and quantum physics. Low and behold, these amazing sciences completely validated and supported what I already knew: healing through vibration affects cellular composition and neurological activity. What a relief to discover that science was on my side. This only strengthened my determination to share this style of music with the world.
Now, ten years after I first discovered Sacred Music, I am happy to announce that I am releasing my first professionally recorded sound-healing album. This album has been co-created with my dear friend and soul brother, Gabriel Braun ( ) and was masterfully recorded and produced by Yehoshua Brill (

Download the album at:

Hope you enjoy the journey…

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